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A little about me

Things I do

I like to keep my skills sharp inside and outside of work.

Web Development

I enjoy working with modern frameworks like Twitter Bootstrap and Angular and tools like WordPress and Joomla.

Mobile Apps

I work with my friends to design and develop mobile applications for Android and iOS.


I’m developing an autonomous robotic platform with sensors, but don’t worry – no weapons.  I’ve seen too many movies.


I love working with new frameworks and my current favorite is Angular 2.0 paired with a Twitter Bootstrap UI.. 

Washburn University

I earned an undergraduate degree in Public Administration from Washburn University of Topeka back in 1989.  More importantly, that’s where I met my wife! Go Bods!

Boise State University

I earned a Masters of Instructional and Performance Technology degree from Boise State University in 2004.  I’m looking forward to someday visiting Idaho and seeing the Smurf Turf.

Kansas State

I love the K-State Wildcats, especially their football team and the “Pride of Wildcat Land” Marching Band.  I have three children who have or are attending K-State, and two who joined the band.

Boy Scouts of America

I spent more than 27 years in uniform for the Boy Scouts of America. My three brothers and I, my two sons and one nephew are all Eagle Scouts.


I’m into shooting archery, and my latest bow is a Mission Ballistic.  I shoot in my backyard, and at T.H.E. Archery Clubin Wakarusa, KS. And to answer the most common question I get, no, I don’t hunt.


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