So Bad, It's Good

There is a fine line between awful and so awful it’s great.  These are the guilty pleasures that we all enjoy when watching something that is so horribly written, acted or directed that you can’t help but laugh.  That’s what made Mystery Science Theater 3000 such a blast – you got to poke fun at the movie you were ostensibly watching along with Mike, Crow and Tom.  Here are a couple of my more obscure “So Bad It’s Good” confessions.  If I can get comments working, I’d love to hear your confessions as well. 

Kaboom cereal is bad.  Really bad.  In college, I don’t remember if someone bought this on a dare, or got the munchies and thought it might be worthwhile, but there was a box purchased boasting of 45% of your daily recommended allowance of 7 vitamins and minerals (for those of you keeping score, this is just below pop-tarts on the nutritional scale).  The moment the milk touched the multicolored psychotic clown shaped nuggets, they dissolved into a formless gray mash.  Totally uneatable.Kaboom became a meme around our residence halls.  That box, and more to follow it, became traveling trophies of a sort, as they were handed out as house-warming gifts, door prizes or other random gift occasions.  Following the logic that we were all brought up not to waste food, and that gifts were to be displayed when the gifter is around, these boxes were passed from hand to hand, because no one would ever finish a box and feel right about throwing it away.  My roommate, Troy, used to carry a spare box or two in the trunk of his Impala, just in case a gift giving opportunity arose.

Steve Oedekirk is a genius.  Not at writing, directing or acting, but in getting us to spend money on garbage like this.  Thumb Wars and Thumbtanic, a Thumb Double Feature, is a parody of the real movies, acted out by thumbs with eyes and mouths greenscreened on.  Really, really bad.  The whole premise is so insipid that it reminds you of the stories we told each other of children, with no plot or direction, making it up as we go along and just doing whatever it takes to get a laugh at the moment.  Again, this is a great gift idea, because no one will ever, EVER, buy this for themselves.  His other films include “Thumb Wars: The Phantom Cuticle”, “BatThumb”, “FrankenThumb”, “The GodThumb” and “The Blair Thumb”.One thing I didn’t realize until talking with my friend, Kevin the FilmGuru, this past week, is that Steve Oedekirk also wrote the screenplays for Bruce Almighty, Evan Almighty, Barnyard, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls and Patch Adams.